CSR Policy

We are committed to principles of accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholders' interests, respect for human rights and adherence to the law

Strive to be an employer of choice by providing a diverse work-place in which all employees are treated fairly and with respect and can realise their full potential

Aim to protect the natural resources and biodiversity under our influence and ensure that all potential adverse impacts of our operations on the environment are identified and managed

Adopt fair operating practices in all business dealings

Treat our guests with respect and ensure that we offer them products and services which provide the best possible value

Involve communities in the vicinity of our properties and seek to put in place initiatives that help those communities develop

Plan BEE Rural Beekeeping

Our Initiatives

Plan BEE Rural Beekeeping (Since 2013)

With a focus on poverty alleviation, this strategic community programme is designed to engage local low-income communities to earn a supplementary income from the honey and help protect the Asian honeybee (Apis Cerena) against the threat of extinction. Each year a new community is provided training and start-up tools. The honey harvested is also sourced by sister brands for restaurant and spa operations.

Plan BEE Honey is available for purchase at Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok. Funds raised from the sale go to help sustain future Plan BEE projects.

Participating Properties

  • Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok

Our Initiatives

ChildSafe (Since 2016)

Created in 2005, the ChildSafe Movement sets to protect children and youths from all forms of abuse and prevention from engaging in dangerous behaviors while influencing all tiers of society to create a positive environment.

We proudly entered a collaboration agreement with Friends-International in 2016 for all our properties in Thailand to become a supporter of the movement, a practice in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

For more information, click here

Participating Properties

  • Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok
Food without Boundaries

Our Initiatives

Food without Boundaries (Since 2013)

Based on a food bank concept, Shama properties in Bangkok and Hong Kong accept cash donations and donations of dry food such as milk powder, rice and canned sardines to Ban Dek Rae Ron in Bangkok and People’s Food Bank by St. James’ Settlement in Hong Kong, aiming to reduce financial burden and provide relief for low-income communities including refugees and families encountering sudden difficulties as well as street sleepers. In Hong Kong, our employees also volunteer for hot meal services at St. James’ Settlement as well as helping with meal delivery services for the elderly with limited mobility.

For more information: Ban Dek Rae Ron, The People's Food Bank

Participating Properties

  • Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok
  • Shama Central Hong Kong
  • Shama Fortress Hill Hong Kong
  • Shama Hollywood Hong Kong
  • Shama Midlevels Hong Kong
  • Shama Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
Shama’s 2000 Trees Challenge

Our Initiatives

Shama’s 2000 Trees Challenge (Since 2013)

In partnership with Shanghai Roots and Shoots, Shama properties in China are committed to collectively raised RMB 50,000.- to plant 2,000 trees for the Million Tree Project each year, aiming to fight Climate Change by improving both ecological environment and livelihood of the local communities in Inner Mongolia.

Trees are sourced locally from tree farms and local farmers are engaged in the tree planting and maintain the trees growing on their land. The farmers are licensed to harvest trees that have reached maturity, on the condition that they replant on the same plot. During the trees’ infancy, local farmers are encouraged to inter-plant crops in order to generate extra income that helps alleviate poverty in the community.

The first Shama China Forest was planted in April 2014 followed by the second forest in June 2016.

For more information: Shanghai Roots and Shoots

Participating Properties

  • Shama Luxe Huashan Shanghai
  • Shama Xujiahui Shanghai
  • Shama Heda Hangzhou
Preloved by Shama

Our Initiatives

Preloved by Shama (Since 2014)

Preloved by Shama China was launched in conjunction with 2014 Earth Day Green Cities campaign. The initiative encourages tenants and employees of Shama in the Mainland to donate clothing and other items that are in good condition but are no longer needed for reuse through community organisations and charities such as Heart to Heart Shanghai Foundation, Shanghai Pudong Community Charity Supermarket and The Xinhua Community of Changning District Shanghai.