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green tips

Living green doesn’t mean you have to live a dull life! Let’s start the green mission from the basic necessities of life and save our earth together!

30 Degrees


Save 41% electricity consumption by adjusting water temperature of washing machine from 40° to 30°.

Funny baby eating watermelon


Choose foods that are in season to minimize excessive feeding or resources consumed in greenhouse growing. Buy locally grown and produced foods to enjoy freshness and reduce fuels for air transportation.



Take shower instead of bath. Take 5 minutes shower and avoid long time showering. It helps reduce carbon consumption by 11kg per person and saves 78,000 tonnes of carbon consumption in one year.



Take a walk instead of the car for short trip and use stairs instead of escalator. It does not only save energy consumption but also keep us healthy. Walking 3,600 steps takes only half an hour. By walking 8,000 steps every day could improve blood circulation and slow down ageing.

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