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dining - local's favour
The Chinoise story brings to Shanghai an exquisite selection of creative Chinese specialties. The menu also includes a variety of traditional Shanghainese cuisine, recreated and given a creative twist.
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a: 1-2/F, Jinjiang Hotel, 59 Maoming Nan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Changle Road)
t: +86 21 6445 1717
w: www.jinlu-china.com/index1.html
Cha's is a faithful recreation of a Hong Kong diner, from the 1950s, right down to the old-time Hong Kong public lavatory signs, the tiled floor, and the aluminum tables. Food is traditional. Reservations are not possible, expect long waits.
contact information
a: 1/F, 30 Sinan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Huaihai Zhong Road)
t: +86 21 6093 2062

a: B1/F, Novel Place, 131 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District (Near Xingeng Road)
t: +86 21 3461 5618
Traditional Muslim cuisine with authentic hand-pulled noodle with beef and lamb shashlik. Many people are attracted and come all the way. Taste and you'll find every thing...
contact information
a: 2212 Zhongshan Bei Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (Near Zhenping Road)
t: +86 21 5290 4792

a: 436 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai (Near Jiangsu Road)
t: +86 21 6034 3618
Bao Luo or Paul (it's English nickname you won't see this on the sign) is always packed with locals and expatriates. Value for money here is its biggest selling point. It's a good place to start in China if you're looking for an authentic restaurant in its food and atmosphere.
contact information
a: 271 Fumin Road, Xihui District, Shanghai (Near Changle Road)
t: +86 21 5403 7239
Opened by the same owners as the exclusive Fu 1088 and Fu 1015, this charming villa is one of Shanghainese favorite spots for top-notch sophisticated Shanghai cuisine in a restored 1930s villa. Great for group dinners.
contact information
a: 1/F, 1039 Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai (Near Jiangsu Road)
t: +86 21 5237 1878
The Chinese take breakfast very seriously. Dim sum, congee, lamb soup and noodles are all popular choices depending on which region you're in. Taiwanese tradition takes a cue from the Shanghainese staples of soymilk (doujiang), crullers (youtiao) and shaobing with savory ingredients. You'll find all of these at Taoyuan Village, a new restaurant trending on the Chinese blogosphere in recent weeks.
contact information
a: 405 Taizhou Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Near Yuyao Road)
t: +86 21 6277 7917
That is Ding Xin Di-the Shanghainese pronunciation of dianxin dian, or dim sum shop-a testing bed for a planned citywide chain. Owner Yu Junyang and chef Gui Jianmin go way back, to when they both worked at the State Guest House in Hongqiao during the 1980s. Ding Xin Di sampled the top 20 xiao long bao places-as listed on Dianping.com.
contact information
a: B1/F, Zhaofeng Plaza, 999 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai (Near Huichuan Road)
t: +86 138 1806 5119
This small local chain is widely acknowledged to have some of the best xiao long bao in town. It's not fancy and their star dumplings are the only thing on the menu. Head over early. Once they run out each day, they close.
contact information
a: 90 Huanghe Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Fengyang Road)
t: +86 21 6327 6878
Specializing in the tribal cuisine of China's Yunnan province: exotic cuisine, enchanted decor, atmospheric music and dim, flickering candlelight.
contact information
a: 1/F, 38 Gaoyou Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near West Fuxing Road)
t: +86 21 6433 5126

a: 2/F, 17 East Yan'an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Sichuan Nan Road)
t: +86 21 6330 0967
w: www.lostheaven.com.cn