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dining - international cuisine
glo London is a British-based multi-concept restaurant venue, serving coffee, sandwiches, pastries, and fresh-baked bread as well as Anglo-American food like pizzas and ribs.
contact information
a: 1 Wulumiqi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Dongping Road)
t: +86 21 6466 6565

a: L1, Hengji 688 Plaza, 688 Nanjing Xi Road, Jing'an  District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6211 8828
w: www.glolondon.com
This classy restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria serves up modern, French-influenced dishes using local ingredients in an elegant and luxurious setting. Signature dishes include foie gras terrine and cassis gastrique. They also have a walk-in wine display with an impressive selection to choose from.
contact information
a: 1/F, Waldorf Astoria Club, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6322 9988
w: www.waldorfastoriashanghai.com
The restaurant with its eclectic mix of European, North African and Australian flavors is still immensely popular among locals and a destination for diners from abroad.
contact information
a: 7/F, Bund 5, 20 Guangdong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6350 998
w: www.m-onthebund.com
Born of the inspirational travels of two friends, Lotus Land brings authentic South Asian cuisine to Shanghai. Prepared by a native Indian chef and served in a warm, exotic atmosphere.
contact information
a: Tianzifang, Lane 274, 12 Taikang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 5465 2743
Oz-Med flavors in sharable portions with a heavy Italian influence. The place also has a cafe that serves pastries, fresh-squeezed juices, and sandwiches.
contact information
a: 1/F, Reel Mall, 1601 Nanjing Xi Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 3253 0889
w: www.henkes.com.cn
The prices here are a steal for what is on offer; our favorite is the all-you-can-eat option for RMB150. The broths are Japanese in style, and we highly recommend both the spicy miso and the soymilk collagen. Kick it up a notch and throw in free-flow beer and sake for an additional RMB50 and you have the perfect cold weather pre-party. Just make sure to book ahead and start eating before 7:30 to get your money’s worth.
contact information
a: 2/F, Hong Fang Zi, 35 Shanxi Nan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Changle Road)
t: +86 21 5236 6038

a: L4, Shanghai Arch, 179 Maotai Road, Changning District, Shanghai 
t: +86 21 5236 5638

a: 3/F, 1788 International Center, 1818 Nanjing Xi Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Near Huashan Road)
t: +86 21 6217 7388

a: 2/F, Xingyoucheng, 580 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6079 8368
w: www.mo-mo-sh.com
Authentic Japanese cuisine, very popular among the Japanese community in Shanghai. Their signature dishes would be their salmon and tuna sashimi, customers have commented them as the freshest sashimi in Shanghai.
contact information
a: 3/F, 1446 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 62191910
Five generations of skill and expertise have produced a rare, exquisite delight. Fried in pure safflower oil and personally served by two chefs to diners seated with anticipation, this jet-fresh tempura's refined, subtle flavor is courtesy of a family recipe passed down to Toyoichiro Seki who has been perfecting his craft for over 23 years.
contact information
a: Building 4, 2421 Xietu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Wanping Nan Road)
t: +86 21 6438 3822
w: www.karaku.com.cn
Traditional Korean cuisine and BBQ in Shanghai. Originated from Seoul, the restaurant is often filled with Korean food lovers.
contact information
a: 2/F, 971 Dongfang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai (Near Xiangcheng Road)
t: +86 21 5081 9377

a: 5/F, 1900 Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai (Near Yan'an Xi Road)
t: +86 21 6259 1189

a: 1339 Wuzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (Near Yinting Road)
t: +86 21 5118 2777
w: bornga.co.kr/bonga/index.asp
Ultraviolet is an avant garde dining concept by resident molecular madman Paul Pairet. Only 10 diners arrive at Mr. & Mrs Bund. for an aperitif before they are spirited away to an undisclosed location. What ensues is a degustation in over 20 courses, each one accompanied with unique sights, sounds, and, at times, even scents. Dinner starts at 2000rmb per head. Parties are limited to 10. One seating per night.
contact information
a: Undisclosed location. Booking made online only.
w: www.uvbypp.cc
Mediterranean with a focus on Spanish and Italian cuisine. With close to 100 different items, the menu is enormous. Highlights include a wide range of imported cheeses and charcuterie, shareable steak and seafood dishes, and a tapas list representing most of the region's culinary touchstones. Another addition is a deli shop selling specialty Spanish food items, cured meats and artisan cheeses.
contact information
a: 1/F, 20 Donghu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Huaihai Zhong Road)
t: +86 21 5404 8085
w: www.el-efante.com
el Willy is contemporary Spanish restaurant. All the food is designed to be shared family style and eaten comfortably with chopsticks.
contact information
a: 5/F, 22 Zhongshan Dong Er Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 5404 5757
w: www.el-willy.com
Authentic Thai restaurant located near South Nanjing road, two-story restaurant with comfy sofa seating and regular seatings. Dark lighting gives a cozy, relaxing feeling for customers to truly enjoy their dinner. Must try their tom-yum soup and pad-thai.
contact information
a: 1-2/F, 127 Da Tian Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Near Beijing Xi Road)
t: +86 21 6217 9797
w: www.thaigallery.cn/site/index
This homey restaurant serves authentic Thai classics like pad Thai and curries that everyone loves. Expect big and bold flavors with an abundance of herbs and spices from the region.
contact information
a: 393 Dagu Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Near Chengdu Bei Road)
t: +86 21 6327 1800

a: 938 Changle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Wulumuqi Road)
t: +86 21 3250 3863
w: www.urban-thai.com
A western-style vegetarian restaurant chain dedicated to people’s health and wellness, serving highly nutritious and delicious food and drinks that make a positive difference in the way to look and feel.
contact information
a: 1/F, 98 Yanping Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Near Xinzha Road)
t: +86 21 5175 9822

a: B1/F, Kerry Parkside, 1378 Huamu Road, Pudong District, Shanghai (Near Fangdian Road)
t: +86 21 5061 0618

a: L1, Shanghai Arch, 179 Maotai Road, Changning District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6211 9336

a: 1/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6289 8316
w: www.pureandwhole.com
Known to some as Vegetarian Lifestyle, to others as Zaozi Shu, and others still as Jujube Tree, this popular vegetarian Chinese restaurant specializes in tasty mock-meat dishes. Don't miss their ginger fried "chicken".
contact information
a: 77 Songshan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Near Huaihai Zhong Road)
t: +86 21 6384 8000

a: 258 Fengxian Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 6215 7566
w: www.jujubetree.com
Authentic Vietnamese restaurant opened by two French – Vietnamese, wanting to bring their childhood favorites to food lovers in Shanghai.
contact information
a: 1/F, 678 Shannxi Bei Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Near Wuding Road)
t: +86 21 6135 0150
w: www.facebook.com/cycloshanghai
PHOCO in the foreign-style house boasts fresh and tasteful environment, as well as waiters in “Ao Dai”. The chefs from Hanoi and Saigon present you with authentic healthy Vietnamese food, including elegant rice noodles with beef, fresh papaya salad, temaki as thin as cicada’s wing, fragrant curry, desserts, filter coffee...
contact information
a: Lane 920, 1 Changle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
t: +86 21 5289 6275
w: www.phoco.com.cn