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dining - local's favour
The Chinoise story brings to Shanghai an exquisite selection of creative chinese specialties. The menu also includes a variety of traditional Shanghainese cuisine, recreated and given a creative twist.
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a: 59 Maoming Nan Lu, Jin Jiang Hotel,(Near Changle Road)
t: +86 21 6445 1717
w: www.jinlu-china.com/index1.html
Enjoy the local favour of Shanghai dumplings! Hidden in the secret lane, this small local shop has been opened for years and well-known by the public. It offers fresh and juicy dumplings with reasonable price.
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a: 19, Meng Hua Jie, Huangpu District
t: +86 21 6368 1097
Cha's is a faithful recreation of a Hong Kong cha canting, basically a Cantonese diner, from the 1950's, right down to the old-time Hong Kong public lavatory signs, the tiled floor, and the aluminum tables. Food is traditional Reservations are not possible, expect long waits.
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a: 30-4 Sinan Lu, Luwan District (Near Huaihai Zhong Lu)
t: +86 21 6093 2062
Opened by the same owners as the exclusive Fu 1088 and Fu 1015, this charming villa is one of Shanghainese favorite spots for top-notch sophisticated Shanghai cuisine in a restored 1930s villa. Great for group dinners.
contact information
a: 1039 Yuyuan Lu , Changning District (Near Jiangsu Lu)
t: +86 21 5237 1878
This is the "old" Jishi restaurant, the shabby but clean cornerstone restaurant of Shanghainese home cooking. Seating is cramped and reservations are absolutely essential.
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a: 41 Tianping Lu (Near Huaihai Xi Lu)
t: +86 21 6282 9260
Indulge yourself to some traditional Shanghai flavours. Small, homey type restaurant located in a small alley on jinxian lu.
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a: 130 Jinxian Lu (Near Maoming Nan Lu)
t: +86 21 6253 3554
This restaurant is in the middle of the Yu Garden, well known as the place to try the famed Shanghai delicacy xiao long bao, or soup dumplings. On the ground floor, there is take-away option that attracts long queues. You can go upstairs where they offer to more price tiers.
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a: 85 Yuyuan Lu (Near Jiuqu Qiao)
t: +86 21 6355 4206
Specializing in the tribal cuisine of China's Yunnan province: exotic cuisine, enchanted decor, atmospheric music and dim, flickering candlelight.
contact information
a: 38 Gaoyou Lu (Near Fuxing Xi Lu)
t: +86 21 6433 5126

a: 17 Yan'an Dong Lu (Near Sichuan Nan Lu)
t: +86 21 6330 0967
w: www.lostheaven.com.cn