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dining – local flavour
A san barbecue has 6 branches in Hangzhou, which was named the best barbecue place in Xiasha District. The food is freshly made and you can enjoy the delicious food in a comfortable environment.
contact information
a: 1/F, 998 Xueyuan Street, Xiasha District, Hangzhou
t: +189 6907 8550

a: 1/F, 1131 Gaosha Business Center, Xueyuan Street, Xiasha District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8692 5221

a: 1/F, 16 Huayuan Street Blocks, Xiasha Street, Hangzhou
t: +189 6907 8060

a: 1/F, 1172 Xueyuan Street, Xiasha District, Hangzhou
t: +189 6907 8116
More than 150 years history, convenient location with nice view facing West Lake, their signature dishes are Dongpo Pork, Beggar's Chicken and West Lake Vinegar Fish.
contact information
a: 1-3/F, 30 Gushan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8796 9023
Grandma's Kitchen is a famous local chain restaurant serving Hangzhou cuisine. It has a comprehensive picture menu and reasonable prices. Unfortunately, Grandma's Kitchen suffers a bit from its own popularity, making a long wait inevitable and service haphazard. It's the best to call ahead and try to make reservations to avoid the long wait.
contact information
a: 1/F, 3 Hubin Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8510 1939
Located in Longjing Road with one of the best scenery in Hangzhou. Here you can enjoy your meal next to the tea museum and some huge tea mountain. Bread temptation and fish head temptation is their signature dishes you need to try, and don’t forgot to ask for an English menu.
contact information
a: 1/F, 83 Longjing Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8788 8022

a: 1-5/F, 250 Jiefang Road, Shangcheng District, Hanghzou
t: +571 8606 1777
One of the Hangzhou people's favourite local restaurants that serves with quality and tasty dishes.
contact information
6/F, Longhu Paradise Walk, 560 jinsha Avenue, Xiasha Distrit, Hangzhou
t: +571 8725 6716
Haidilao is well known for its food quality and great service. You can enjoy complimentary services like shoe shines, board games, kids’ play area and free snacks while you are waiting. The hand-pulled noodles is a must order, a noodle master will come to your table and put on a show that turns noodle preparation into an exciting work of performance art.
contact information
a: 5/F, Yongjin Square, 135 Yanan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8708 8050
Zhi Wei Guan is a well-known traditional restaurant in Hangzhou. The signature dishes and snacks includes West Lake vinegar fish, dragon well tea shrimp, beggar’s chicken, West Lake’s water shield soup, Zhiweiguan’s steamed buns, cat’s ear noodles and Dingsheng cakes.
contact information
a: 1-5/F, 83 Renhe Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8701 8638

a: 1/F, 99 Wenze Road, Xiasha District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8998 1083
Old folk's restaurant is very famous in Hangzhou, with selling good quality marinated food and their signature dish "sauteed shrimp". Don’t forget to make reservation earlier before you go, the restaurant is always fully booked.
contact information
a: 4/F, Dongsha Business Center, 161 East Tiancheng Road, Xiasha District, Hangzhou
t: +571 5697 2777
Kuai Yuan Guan Restaurant has more than 140 years of noodle making experience, with about 150 kinds of noodle recipe, the most famous ones are pian’erchuan noodles and shrimp and eel noodles. Some tourists have the words that “you’ve never visited Hangzhou if you didn’t go dining in Kuai Yuan Guan Restaurant”.
contact information
a: 1-2/F, 154 Jiefang Road, Shangchen District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8702 9012
'A famous brand serving authentic north-western Chinese cuisine. The dishes are made mainly from meat and grains. The eatery also adheres to the original cooking method of traditional north-western cuisine by not using any monosodium glutamate.”.
contact information
a: 4/F, Longhu Paradise Walk, 560 Jinsha Avenue, Xiasha Distrit, Hangzhou
t: +571 8990 2727
A good porridge restaurant has a wide variety of food selection and seafood porridge is specially recommended.
contact information
a: 1/F, 109-110 Gaosha Community, Xuelin Street, Xiasha District, Hangzhou
t: +571 8690 6635